2016-03-18 Felix Kästneradd search engine wolframalpha
2016-02-22 Felix Kästneradd metager, fedora packages and stackoverflow
2015-11-02 Felix Kästneradd and ks.png
2015-10-13 Felix Kästnerimprove browserintegration and add parsing of get param...
2015-10-13 Felix Kästnerfix opensearchdescription xml
2015-10-13 Felix Kästneradd search engine
2015-10-13 Felix Kästneradd hint to use pngcrush
2015-08-21 Felix Kästneradd and update search engines
2015-06-30 Felix Kästneradd keyword as title to buttons
2015-06-30 Felix Kästnerlink to "./" instead of "" to reload page
2015-06-30 Felix Kästnerchange gpg search engine
2015-06-30 Felix Kästneronly include the opensearchdescription link in the...
2015-06-16 Felix Kästneradd search engines
2015-06-16 Felix Kästnerfix spelling
2015-06-16 Felix Kästnerremove and change icons
2015-06-15 Felix Kästneradd search engines
2015-06-09 Felix Kästneradd search engines
2015-06-09 Felix Kästnerupdate images
2015-06-02 Felix Kästneradd option/ keyword to not use the default search engine
2015-06-02 Felix Kästneradd new search engines
2015-06-02 Felix Kästnerchange button style
2015-05-28 Felix Kästnermove opensearchdescription xml to index.php and fix...
2015-05-28 Felix Kästnerfix php in xml
2015-05-28 fpunktkinclude the default search engine in the opensearchdesc...
2015-05-28 fpunktkadd parsing of get variable for default search engine
2015-05-28 fpunktkonly focus the input if it is empty
2015-05-28 fpunktkmake it possible to generate the opensearchdescription...
2015-05-22 fpunktkadd first working version
2015-05-21 Felix KästnerInitial commit